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Who We Are

About Weddings By Sisters

Weddings By Sisters is a full-service wedding and event planning company based in Toronto, Ontario. Our team’s balance of professionalism and approachability ensures the smooth success of each event we coordinate, but it is the extra care and emphasis we place on nurturing each couple’s relationship throughout the entire process that truly sets us apart.

Our package options include full, partial, and day-of services for weddings and events of all kinds. Read more about our services here, and explore our galleries for inspiration for your big day.

Are you planning a large black-tie ballroom affair? We can help select vendors, create and implement your day-of timeline, and ensure that your day is stress-free while you enjoy time with your guests. Are you planning to elope and hoping to hold a casual gathering afterward with close friends and family to celebrate?

We can take care of the details so your personalities shine and you are not overwhelmed. Holding a traditional Chinese tea ceremony wedding or a traditional Nigerian engagement celebration? We will take the time to learn about your culture and heritage to ensure that respect and honor plays a central role in your event.

At your wedding, your sister gives you her shoulder to cry on, assists with your dress or your husband-to-be’s boutonniere, and steps up to be the referee to keep the groomsmen in order. Your sister is the goal-keeper at your birthday celebration, the one who makes sure that your favorite song is played for you. Being your sister and understanding what you need to be supported is the true essence of Weddings By Sisters.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. We at Weddings By Sisters approach each celebration with the same meticulous attention to detail that we would if you were close family. We are committed to not just your beautiful day, but your beautiful life together.


About Laura

Lead planner Laura Ade, founder of Weddings By Sisters, effortlessly discovered her love of and skill for event planning in 2008. She listened to her intuition, pursued training opportunities, and became a certified wedding professional herself shortly thereafter. Through the process of learning and application, her dedication to coordinating events that surpass each client’s expectations has grown tremendously.

It all began at the wedding of an extended family member, when Laura, then a guest, noticed that the mother of the bride, who was attempting to keep the event organized, was overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to enjoy her daughter’s celebration. The mother-in-law’s relief, after being quietly approached by Laura, was unmistakable, and in the hours that followed, the event ran smoothly under Laura’s attentive care. With the exception of the bride and groom, no smile was larger than the mother-in-law’s and Laura Ade’s. Laura had discovered her passion.

Along the way to becoming what it is today, Laura was joined by her sister Abi, who continues to collaborate, plan, and assist with events onsite, making Weddings By Sisters a true sister affair. The Weddings By Sisters team is built on values of trust, support, growth, and in treating every client and vendor they interact with as family.

At Weddings By Sisters, we are committed to ensuring that every couple we work with feels supported, heard, validated, and limitless from the moment we begin working together, through the event itself, and into the experience of marriage. We understand the unique pressures that can accompany weddings, and we work with each couple and each family to enable these events to strengthen, and not strain relationships. We are always seeking opportunities to learn from our events, clients, other vendors, and from wedding education to offer the very best service we can to every client.

Whether you’re just starting out on the wedding planning journey, or mid-way through, the experts at Weddings by Sisters can support and guide you so your wedding reflects what is important to you.

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